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Complete Car Protection Packages 

We now offer complete car protection packages. Your car is an investment and you want to protect it and last for years to come. So we've implemented different packages to suit you. From weatherproofing your cars paint to Scotchgarding your interior from stains. 

Interior Protection 


Our interior  package provides you with the best products on the market. Ensuring your vehicle will be protected from stains, fading and cracking. All leather seats, dashboard and door panels are conditioned.  All upholstery and carpeted areas are Scotchgard for optimal protection! 

Ceramic Coatings (Call for pricing) 

Superior paint protection! This means superior shine for your car! Our ceramic  coat sealer gives your vehicle a clear shield of protection against uv tays, harsh weather, road grime, tar, sap, bird droppings and more! while also providing a beautiful glass like gloss up to five years of protection. We offer a variety of ceramic and graphene coating brands. Lasting up to five years. Our ceramic coat coatings are the best hydrophobic car sealants available!

Full Auto Protection 



Is a combination of interior and exterior protection packages. 

In addition includes Rain-X to all glass, condition door seals and wax door jams. Treat exterior trim, wheel wells and condition wheels and tires. 

What our customers are saying

Prosource did a fantastic job on me and my wife's vehicles! They were on time very polite and professional! We'll definitely be referring this company to all of our family and friends! Thank you!

John Jacobsen